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Fitting Scoot Boots


I can help you with sizing if you would like. You can send three photos to [email protected]

Please ensure your horses hooves have had a correct trim and the hoofs are clean before you proceed to sizing. You can find more information on correct trimming below.
All you need to do is take three photos as per the images below:

The first photo - Hold your tape measure firmly at the center of the toe and work backwards over the frog towards the heels. DO NOT START AT THE HEELS AND WORK FORWARDS:

The second photo - place your tape measure across the widest part of the hoof.

Photo credit for the above two photos: Mark Whitman. Barehoof trim by Joanne Huff.
Thank you for allowing the use of your photos Mark!

The third photo should be front on showing the shape of the hoof:


If you prefer to measure yourself, please read the following carefully. The length is the measurement that tends to be taken incorrectly:

Step 1
Once your horse’s hooves have been barefoot trimmed correctly (if your horse is not currently barefoot trimmed, see below):
With a ruler or tape measure, measure the LENGTH from the RED line at the tip of the toe to the RED line at the rear of the hoof at the very end of the heel buttresses (to ensure you have located this position run a rasp across both heels and the correct measuring point is the last part of the heels that physically makes contact with the rasp before the heels drop away towards the collateral grooves). See photo at top of this page.

Our sizes increase in 5mm increments, so if your measurement is 2mm or less past the end of the heel buttresses, then select the size closest to the RED buttress line. For example, if your measurement indicates your hoof length is 122mm in length then you select size 3, (which is 120mm). If your measurement is 3mm over the 120mm measurement, then select the next size up (which is 125mm, and a size 4).
Step 2 
Measure the WIDTH of the hoof at the widest part (purple lines in above photo) and select the correct WIDTH.
Step 3
Now that you have the LENGTH and the WIDTH of the hoof:
Proceed to our size chart and select the Scoot Boot size closest to your horse’s hoof measurements
If you have one hoof smaller than the other select the boot size that matches the largest hoof.
Our Scoot Boots are designed to allow for growth between trims. DO NOT select the next size up when measuring your horse’s hooves after a barefoot trim.
If your horse’s hoof is 10mm wider than long you need to select the size from the ‘maximum’ width measurement and not length measurement (for example, if your hoof length is 110mm and width is 120mm you select size 2) . If you are booting up a horse with hooves 10mm wider than longer then it is vital that you follow our trimming instructions exactly or you will have a boot size too large due to measuring excess width/flare that should have been removed
If the hoof length exceeds the hoof width by more than 10mm (3/8") then the Scoot Boot is not suitable for your horse
If the hoof width exceeds the hoof length by more than 10mm (3/8") then the Scoot Boot is not suitable for your horse
Dirty or marked boots cannot be exchanged
If your horse’s hooves are 10mm wider than longer please consult your closest barefoot trimmer to size up your horse for Scoot Boots

The terms “barefoot trimming” or a “natural trim” are used to describe a trimming method which replicates the shape of a wild horse’s hoof where the horse had been running free over large areas of rocky, sandy terrain. It has been shown that these wild horses, with very low heels, short rolled toes and wide, flat, hard frogs are less prone to hoof and lower leg injuries compared to domesticated shod horses.
The image below show a ‘naturally’ trimmed and highly functional hoof suitable for Scoot Boots.


Hooves with high heels, long toes or flared hoof walls

Step 1
When you are ready to boot up:
Ensure front closure straps are undone and the security strap is detached from one side on the rear of the boot
Pick up the hoof with the sole facing upwards in the trimming position and slip the hoof toe first into the boot
Pull the rear of the boot over the bulbs and place the hoof onto the ground
Step 2
The hoof should slip comfortably into the boot (If the hoof does not slip comfortably into the boot or the front of the boot is being forced open then you have either selected a size too small or you need to give your horse a correct trim)

To secure the front closure straps, grip the end of the strap with your thumb and forefinger

Stretch the strap over the knob hook at an angle and slip the elongated hole under the bottom edge of the knob hook

Then with a rolling motion using your thumb, force the strap up and over the knob hook to secure the strap in place. 

When the horse is standing upright, secure the security strap around the pastern and ensure that it is loose enough to be able to place two fingers between the strap and the pastern

If you cannot place two fingers between the strap and the pastern, loosen the security strap another hole
Now that you have secured your Scoot Boots you need to ensure you have a snug fit – pick up the hoof and gently twist clockwise and anti clockwise. Your boot should not turn on the hoof more than a slight movement (if the boot feels loose or sloppy you need to return your boots for a smaller size)
Front Closure Straps and Pastern Straps
Removing your Boots
These straps are designed to provide maximum security. When removing your boots do not attempt to pull the straps directly off the knob hooks with tension on the strap. You must grip the strap, pull it towards the outside of the boot and when the hole is elongated and tension is removed from the knob hook, roll the strap off the knob hook in a twisting action and then the strap will easily release.
Securing your Boots
If you have insufficient strength in your fingers and find you have trouble stretching the straps you may make the task easier by using a pointed hoofpick to pull the strap over the top of knob hooks and work the hoofpick around the hook.
If you have any questions about sizing and fitting, feel free to call the number listed below. 

Size Chart

Scoot Boot Size Chart